Why Websites Are Desperate For Your Banner Advertising Business

June 21, 2017

A lot of people don’t realize it but most website owners who offer banner advertising in most markets are desperate for your business and you don’t even know it. In this article I want to show you exactly why this is the case and how you can get great deals for traffic in your market.

Secret #1:

The first thing you have to realize is this – most site owners in a lot of markets have no idea how to turn traffic into paying customers. They will often start out trying to sell stuff to their visitors and then discover that they can’t make any money doing this.

What they will then do is turn to advertising as a way to make money from their site and monetize the visitors that are coming to it. The thing you need to realize is that most of these sites not only can’t make much money, they don’t usually know how to tell people about the fact that they want to sell advertising.

Secret #2:

So when you do some digging in your market and come across these sites that are selling space to people you have to understand that most of them want your money more then you can imagine.

What you need to do then is make sure you look hard for these sites as they will give you the best rates. The ones that I like the best are hobby sites who want to offer banner advertising but don’t have anyone doing it as of that time.

I have found that these sites will usually give you the best rates and you can often times get amazing traffic as well.

Placemat Advertising Business – Earn a 4-Figure Monthly Income From Home

June 21, 2017

Let’s take a look at a good overview on what exactly does a placemat advertising business refers to. Obviously it’s about advertising in a very innovative and interesting method. We’ve been using placemats in restaurants for the purpose of dining in but now advertising minds has found a clever way of featuring local businesses over these placemats.

Let us understand how this innovative business works. The advertiser offers to restaurateur the placemats that would be carrying printed advertisement of some local business. If, for example, the preparation of advertisement printed placemats cost the advertiser $ 500 on monthly basis, he can charge a reasonable margin, from the local businessman whose business is being advertised through those placemats.

Here are some benefits that the advertiser can experience:

  • Earning a good margin through local businessmen whose products or services are being advertised over the placemats.
  • The restaurant owner benefits by having free, clean and hygienic placemats.
  • The local businessman benefits by getting his services or products get effectively advertised at nominal cost plus reaching through the niche customers.
  • He also saves lots of money from advertisement in newspapers or magazines, which are actually fortune in comparison to the cost incurred over placemat advertising.

Most of the time, the mid segment restaurants are the ones the permit for advertising through placemats to be conducted through them. This is not possible through high-end restaurants as most of them are franchisee eateries under the bond of a bigger food brand. The modest restaurants are successfully able to serve the purpose of this innovative kind of advertising. Such eateries are very much popular and thronged by local populace. This brings the most suitable kind of popularity to all those services and products that are seeking effective advertising.